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CT-SPOT REF 118 line product and image

Radiation Treatment Accuracy Starts Here

Unique non-metallic pellets, crosshair, and line image brightly under CT simulation without streaking or artifact

Precision in CT simulation affects subsequent radiation treatments. The goal is to destroy cancer cells without doing harm to nearby healthy tissue.

With accuracy measured in millimeters, the quality of each tool the radiation therapist uses for set-ups and treatment planning makes a difference.

Streak artifact from high-attenuation materials, such as metallic markers can distort the true density of normal tissue and affect radiation dosage calculation. As a result the dosimetrist spends more time trying to factor out the distortion and match the affected tissue with the houndsfield units of nearby tissue unaffected by the distortion.

Artifact can be an avoidable obstacle for the radiation oncology team

Low density self-adhesive CT-SPOT® skin markers for treatment planning are designed to image brightly on every slice and reduce with minimal streaking or artifact in CT treatment planning.

CT-SPOT pellets, crosshair, and line help to reduce the amount of time the dosimetrist spends autocontouring images while remaining a bright visual aid for the interpreting radiation oncologist.

  • Use CT-SPOT pellets for marking 3-point setups and isocenters

  • Use CT-SPOT crosshair for marking 3-point setups, isocenter, and field borders

  • Use CT-SPOT line for marking field borders, tangents, scars, sarcomas, and larger treatment areas


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