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Positively impacting patients' lives and improving clinical outcomes



The only skin marker for CT simulation that is elevated from the skin line and helps to exclude the marker from the automatic body contour

  • Minimizes dose perturbation, helps ensure dose accuracy
  • Reduces need for manual contour and density override
  • Ideal for marking field borders, tangents, scars, sarcomas, larger treatment areas
RT-SPOT product in use

iFIX® patient stabilization system

Do you clean your table straps and find yourself wondering "is it really clean?"

  • A more hygienic system for patient stabilization in CT & MR
  • Comprised of reusable and single-patient use components
  • Increases patient comfort, minimizes motion artifact, lowers risk of cross-contamination
iFIX patient stabilization system

Bella Blankets® protective coverlets

We know you disinfect your equipment between every mammogram, but does your patient?

  • Single-patient use, disposable coverlet acts as a sanitary barrier between patients
  • Adds to infection control measures, helps put patient minds at ease
  • Helps prevent skin tears, assist with tissue acquisition
Bella Blankets product applied to receptor plate

About Beekley®

At Beekley Medical, our goal is to help positively impact patients' lives and improve clinical outcomes. We have a high commitment to investing in the research and development of simple, low cost, disposable products that help medical imaging, surgical, and radiation oncology professionals improve communication, productivity, and patient care.

We partner with our customers, clinicians, and inventors to produce professional products that replace makeshift or improve upon current methods. Our industries are carefully monitored to ensure our products meet tomorrow’s needs today.

Recent News

  • Nominations now open for the 2022 Breast Imaging EMPOWER Award! 

    This year we will be honoring mammography supervisors who have exceeded expectations in dealing with pandemic-induced challenges over the last 2 years.

    Visit beekely.com/empower to share why your mammography supervisor deserves to receive this award. 

    Nomination period ends Feb 14, 2022

  • Beekley Medical® launches RT-SPOT® for CT simulation, a linear skin marker elevated from the skin line designed to reduce the need for manual contour and density overide in radiation oncology 

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