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patient holding Breeza bottle

It's just much easier

"Patients can drink it, they don't have a lot of questions, there's no issues with them drinking it. It's just much easier. It's a much easier flow."

Tracy Painter, Clinical Manager, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

patient holding Breeza bottle

This tastes better than the white chalky barium

"Had a small bowel CT scan at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN this afternoon and now I have the absolute worst gas and gas pain. This tastes better than the white chalky barium and is much easier to drink but I don't ever remember having unbearable gas and gas pain from it. But the taste and how easy it goes down without needing anti-nausea medication is worth it!"

JG1873, Redwood Falls, MN

Instructions and Product Safety Resources

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Breeza Flavored Beverage for Neutral Abdominal - Pelvic Imaging, User Guidance

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