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Initiatives & Partnerships

Beekley Medical has a long, successful history of partnering with inventors, other manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to bring new products to market.

If you have an idea for a new or improved disposable medical device, or simply a possible solution or opportunity for improvement to patient care, facility processes, or clinical outcomes – we want to talk with you.

WMB Enterprises

Strategic growth through joint ventures and product acquisitions. WMB Enterprises helps individuals and companies looking for a partner to bring a product idea to market or to increase sales and market penetration of existing products.

Why Partner with Beekley Medical

Our company size allows us to take on projects that may be turned down by larger companies and we only accept the projects that truly interest us.

We offer fair, standard royalty rates and a collaborative work environment. You decide how much you would like to participate in the process.

No investment from inventors is required. Beekley Medical will handle the entire process from research, engineering, and patenting, to sales and marketing.

It only takes an idea to start our process. While any prototype you may have created is appreciated, Beekley Medical does not require any specific designs from you.