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MR-SPOT® Tubes

Sharp distinct image

MR-SPOT tubes have a round, high profile and provide a sharp distinct image on all pulse sequences in MRI.

  • 1.5cm - ideal for extremities, soft tissue masses, and breast MRI
  • 3.0cm - ideal for thoracic spine studies and marking larger areas of interest
MR-SPOT tube in use

MR-SPOT Packets™

Optimum patient comfort

MR-SPOT packets have a low, flat profile that makes them ideal for dedicated coils or weightbearing studies.

  • 1.75cm - ideal for extremities, soft tissue masses, and breast MRI
  • 5.0cm - ideal for thoracic spine studies and larger areas of interest
MR-SPOT Packets in use
MR-SPOT Packets on hand

MR-SPOT Packets™

"They’re easy to use, effective, and an industry standard. People who are still using a makeshift marker need to try these. It just shows up better and is much more convenient. We just love them. They don’t cause artifact and they don’t leak. It’s great to have a reliable skin marker to communicate specific areas. It really helps the radiologist pinpoint the area of concern."

Sherry Freeman, Clinic Manager of Huntington-Hill Imaging Center, Pasadena, CA

MR-SPOT - no "ghosting" compared to makeshift cod liver oil with "ghosting"

MR-SPOT® tubes

"We’ve been using them for eight years and we use them a lot. They are a lot more convenient than using tape with fish oil or vitamin capsules. The capsules were often too small and we’d have to use a few to appear on multiple images. But with the MR-SPOT tube it appears on every slice we need it to."

Rolando, MRI Technologist, Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center, Fontana, CA

MR-SPOT packet, x-ray

MR-SPOT Packets™

"Numerous times I was unable to see a lump that a patient felt on MRI images, MR-SPOT showed that I was scanning the affected area."

Michelle Reinert, MRI Technologist, Tower Health Regional Hospital, Chester County, PA

Instructions and Product Safety Resources

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MR-SPOT with Radiance SDS REF 121, 122, 184, 185, 186, 187