Elequil aromatabs® Lavender 372

50 / box
  • promotes relaxation, comfort, and sleep
  • lasts up to 8 hours
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • scented tab on self-adhesive label
  • allows for minimum or maximum aroma exposure

Also available through Cardinal Health™, Owens & Minor®, McKesson®, and Medline® - some restrictions apply

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Elequil aromatabs® Lavender 372

A simple nursing intervention to offer patients as a non-pharmacological solution to promote relaxation, comfort, and sleep.

(Designed for the clinical setting) Elequil aromatabs® offer hands-free aromatherapy that adheres to a patient’s clothing or gown. 100% pure essential oils in a unique controlled delivery system that is personal to each patient, easy to apply, and delivers a consistent amount of oils every time.

Elequil aromatabs are used in all areas of the hospital, long-term care facilities, dental practices, or any other healthcare setting to enhance the patient experience. Elequil aromatabs are also used to help comfort staff, family members, and caregivers.

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Very helpful!
May 24 2019
I was going in for a needle biopsy and was asked if I wanted to try the lavender to help me relax. They set it next to me and it seemed to be soothing. When I had a second procedure a week or so later, I was offered the patch again. Very helpful!

New York, NY
I have never felt so relaxed at any Drs appointments
Nov 07 2018
The doctor's assistant gave me a lavender tab being that lavender is my favorite scent, and I have never felt so relaxed at any Drs appointments. I will definitely request a tab from now on, I am really amazed at how well the tab works.

West Hartford, CT
A Wonderful Addition to Care
Aug 15 2018
My teenage daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Her treatment includes massive doses of steroids which had been keeping her from sleeping. A dear friend brought us the Elequil tabs and my daughter absolutely loves them. She puts them on her pillow and it helps her sleep. What a fantastic product! We highly recommend them. Thank you!!!

Greenbelt, MD
The aromatabs are a life saver. Finally able to complete my first MRI in 5 years.
Mar 01 2018
The aromatabs are a life saver. I was trampled 5 years ago at a sporting event and have been unable to complete an MRI ever since due to my anxiousness and fear of tight spaces. I was sitting in the room waiting, losing my mind because I forgot my Valium when I saw the sign about aromatabs. The tech gave me one and it made a world of difference and I was finally able to complete my first MRI in 5 years. Thanks.

Hopkinton, Mass
Dec 08 2016
My wife has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's for about 10 years. A nurse at the nursing home that she recently entered indicated that she frequently showed excessive agitation and/or discomfort and was prone to walk excessively. She suggested that Elequil lavender aromatabs have shown significant calming in certain residents for whom she cared. I ordered the lavender aromatabs and there was a marked improvement in her agitation. She was taken off all her neurological medications and the nurses put an Elequil aromatab patch on her every day. Her agitation has subsided markedly and she appears content and very sociable with staff and other residents.

Linda Prelly
Plainville, CT
Elequil aromatabs - Lavender
Jan 25 2016
This product does an EXCELLENT job keeping my stomach and nerves calm. I have recently started an IV therapy treatment to control my Lupus. My stress surrounding the treatments diminishes my quality of life for a couple days before and after the treatment. Fortunately, an angel introduced me to the Elequil aromatabs. The lavender tabs are absolutely life changing. They could not be easier to administer, just peel open and stick onto your clothing. Within minutes, the sensory magic begins and I’m relaxed. The aromatabs last for hours and give me a great piece of mind while it reduces my stress and apprehension before, during, and after the IV procedure. The procedure still is not pleasant but in conjunction with the Elequil Lavendar tabs, I’m 98% more comfortable than I was without using them. I'd recommend this product to anyone to try.

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