Beekley has the same goals as us - to make sure the patient is always #1
- Kathy Tolentino
Director of Purchasing, 21st Century Oncology
Beekley is easy to talk to. It's not just on the phone; working with Beekley is more than just a transactional relationship. They see the big picture, they're available, and they take whatever I need and get it to the right person. They are so quick to fix problems, and make it right if there's an issue. That impressed me more than anything.
- TriStar Centennial Medical Hospital
I can't see someone making this product and not caring about the patient themselves. I can see that whoever makes these products cares about it, they care about the patient. In this kind of world we live in, this is what you need. You guys think about how it will impact the patients out there. It's caring. I don't see it any other way.
- Lead Mammography Technologist
NY Presbyterian