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Sterile adhesive clips that securely contain guidewires, catheters, sheaths/tubing, and other accessories within the sterile field during interventional, surgical, and other procedures.

Keep Wires Secure in Sterile Field

Free up technologists’ hands for focus on other important tasks

CaraClip firmly adheres to the sterile drape and helps to prevent contamination by keeping the guidewire in the sterile field.

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Sterile, Secure, Repositionable, Versatile

Self-adhesive CaraClip keeps guidewires and other accessories in the sterile field, helping to prevent contamination.

Unique design allows technologist to easily curve, redirect, and advance guidewires, tubes/sheaths, and other accessories up to 16Fr (5.3mm) without fear of falling outside the sterile field.

CaraClip remains in place for at least 8 hours on dry surfaces, can be repositioned, and withstands fluids such as blood, saline, iodine, contrast, and sterile water.

Technologists can have confidence that their devices will be contained in the wire protector and free up their hands to focus on other important tasks.

CaraClip easily curves to redirect the guidewire

The Problem with Makeshift Methods

Towels and Gauze

Towels and gauze used to hold the guidewires in place are not reliable methods to keep the guidewire safely in the sterile field as they may move on the drape or from their intended position.

Unsecured, Contaminated Wires

Unsecured, contaminated wires can lengthen the procedure increasing patient time under anesthesia, resulting in an increased cost to the department.

Other Devices

Other devices, such as towel clips and clamps on the drape, make wire exchanges and advancing devices cumbersome and could damage the wire.

towels and gauze image with strikethrough unsecure, contaminated wire with strikethrough towel clips and towel clamps with strikethrough

Have confidence that your guidewires and other accessories stay contained within the sterile field.

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Instructions for Use and Product Safety Information

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Product Information

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