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Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy product photos

How Clinical Aromatherapy Helps Promote Relaxation, Comfort, and Sleep

Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any of our other senses and recognition of smell is immediate. Inhaled vaporized odor molecules can bring back a flood of memories, influence people's moods, and even affect their work behavior. Smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously.

The reason for this is that the olfactory bulb is part of the brain's limbic system - an area so closely associated with memory and feeling, that it is also called the "primitive" or "emotional brain."

This system is a network of connected structures near the middle of the brain linked with the central nervous system that includes the adrenals, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus, which regulate the body's heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and breathing.

Clinical studies have determined a significant positive effect of aromatherapy used in healthcare

Lavender has been proven to help with anxiousness and relaxation. Peppermint has been shown to help soothe queasiness.

When patients are more relaxed, pain and anxiousness can decrease. Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy is a cost-effective way to help your initiatives to reduce the use of opioids and other pharmaceutical interventions.

System-wide usage of Elequil Aromatabs® aromatherapy:

  • Integrative Medicine & Whole Health initiatives
  • Acute Care units (ICU, Med-Surg, Pediatrics, Palliative care, Hospice)
  • Perioperative Services (Pre-Op, OR, PACU, ASC)
  • Emergency Departments
  • Pain Management programs
  • Diagnostic radiology (MRI, CT-Scan, Mammography, Breast Biopsy, Interventional)
  • Women’s Health (OB/GYN, Labor & Delivery)
  • Oncology (Medical, Radiation)
  • Infusion
  • Behavioral Health
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Elder Care (Memory Care)
  • Staff support

Clinical studies, patient and customer testimonials, and additional information about clinical aromatherapy can be found at elequil.com

Patients or staff can purchase Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy for personal use at the Consumer Shop on elequil.com.


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relaxed patient with Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy applied

Elequil Aromatabs® in Clinical Studies

The consistent amount of essential oils in Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy makes them ideal for clinical studies. Many healthcare facilities have utilized Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy to determine the effects of clinical aromatherapy on patient anxiousness, patient perception of pain, patient ability to complete an exam without intervention, and even staff-related stress.

A Randomized Controlled Trial Provides Evidence to Support Aromatherapy to Minimize Anxiety in Women Undergoing Breast Biopsy

The Efficacy of Lavender Aromatherapy in Reducing Preoperative Anxiety in Ambulatory Surgery Patients Undergoing Procedures in General Otolaryngology

Aromatherapy for Procedural Anxiety in Pain Management and Interventional Spine Procedures: A Randomized Trial

If you are interested in using Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy in a clinical study for publication and need placebos, contact [email protected] to submit your request.


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A Multi-Modal Approach on the use of Clinical Aromatherapy - Complimentary CEU

Woman going for MRI

We have almost eliminated our loss of scan due to uneasy feelings from being in an MRI

"We have used Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy at our facility for 4 years. We have almost eliminated our loss of scan due to uneasy feelings from being in an MRI. Our patients are thrilled with the product."

MRI Manager, SportsMED Orthopaedic, Surgery & Spine Center, Huntsville, AL

Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy applied to patient

We have had great results using Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy

"We have had great results using Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy. Lavender-Sandalwood helped decrease anxiousness and other ill feelings in the Pre-op area on patients whose surgery is scheduled later in the day and have gone without any oral intake. In the acute recovery area and stepdown unit, queasiness was relieved with success using Orange-Peppermint. In the Pre-op and both recovery areas, this decreased the need to give more IV medications."

O.R. Manager, Outpatient Surgery Center of Jonesboro

Patient with Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy applied and being comforted by a tech

The staff enjoys the ease of use and the effectiveness

"Patients appreciate the non-invasive treatment and the calming effect it creates. The staff enjoys the ease of use and the effectiveness. They are also grateful that the patient doesn’t have to be overmedicated and can have a faster recovery time. It is very easy to use."

Nurse Manager, Kennewick, WA

Instructions and Product Safety Resources

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Elequil Aromatabs Instructions for Use

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